Why do some people become a sugar daddy?


There are several types of men that become a sugar daddy:

“What? No, no, I’m not a sugar daddy, what are you talking about??” 

These men think only those unattractive and weird people who got some money become a sugar daddy, which is absolute a stereotype. The more we dig into sugar daddy’s world, the more we figure out how ridiculous this stereotype is.

Meanwhile, these men know deeply inside their hearts, there’s a strong desire for companionship and affection. And some will secretly become a sugar daddy, they may either have a couple bad experience due to lack of experience and thus strengthen their hate towards this form of relationship. Or some may have an awesome experience, seeing a whole new aspect in this sugar bowl.

“I know Escorts, but what are Sugar Babies??”

These men are often familiar with escort service and a lot of time sick of the “Time’s up, I gotta leave” scene, making them feel they are no special at all, or even being used if the escorts treated them wrong.

Sometimes when there is chemistry or some kind of bond formed between him and the escort or whatever she is, they tend to see each other more often and maybe turns into an exclusive mutually beneficial arrangement, so-called Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby relationship.

“Damn, I’ve tried Tixder, OKCuxid, etc, but I just can’t find a wife in these traditional ways!”

These men tend to be around 33~48, when they no longer want to play around and want to settle down, but because of the less attractive appearance, too shy to talk to girls, or a lot of time: crazy busy schedule that left them no time to meet women.

They will start their searching via this way, hoping to find the wife material, and also skip the drama those happen in a traditional relationship. (Again, traditional relationships are great! Just SOME gfs/ bfs always causing drama ^^”)

But sometimes things just suck, and all they got were heartless gold diggers, but sometimes they do actually met some decent nice women.

Among these nice women, if some of them happened to want to get married as well, then congrats! But if some are not, that’s ok, because a lot of time real affection take place as time goes by.

“I just need some excitement and a lil fun in my life, that’s all!”

These men are either married but looking, separated or just don’t want to get married. All they want is to spice up their lives, they accept either long term or short term arrangements, depends on their needs and situation.

All of them have one in common, that is they are in love being a sugar daddy (if they found the right sugar baby, of course) because they can see how they are having a positive impact in these younger women’s lives, they are like mentors for them.And at the same time, also having lots of fun! So…Why not! But newbies do need to be careful, don’t get scammed.


I wish you good luck finding your own sugar! If you have any question about sugar dating, feel free to visit our  FAQ page.

Charlene From Yellgar