What’s it like being a sugar baby? Is it fun?

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Well, I believe for many sugar babies out there (at least for me) would consider it a combination of fun and duty.

The ratio between fun and duty all depends on 2 factors :
1. The sugar daddy (or sugar daddies) they chose
2. The motivation of the sugar baby


Factor 1 “The sugar daddy (or sugar daddies) you chose”

If the sugar baby (let’s make it short to SB) chose to have arrangement with someone he/ she found somewhat attractive (whether it’s his appearance or his personality), or maybe admire him as a mentor in life, or in any form of charm, then the SB can actually have lots of fun when they both enjoy their time together, because there’s chemistry, and on top of that, SB is compensated for his/ her companionship, how amazing is that?

But why duty? Because after all, he is your sugar daddy (let’s make it short to SD), SB should always pay attention to his affection needs, whether that is dealing with his clingy texts, or playing the female dom he likes, or being a docile kitty cat, etc, the whole point is making him happy while he spoils you.


Factor 2 “The motivation of the sugar baby”

Getting through financial difficulties? Just wanting one more Gucci bag? Or looking for connections for his/ her next career move?

When the SB is in a financial miserable situation, he /she would easily choose a SD that is the most “generous” he/ she can get in that particular time, instead of taking other characters into account. So they would very likely end up with someone he/ she is always enduring the whole time, and even acting to be happy and cheerful , in fact painful in the inside.

There are also many SBs just want to experience a different lifestyle, some are even from wealthy families. These types of SBs just want to take a break from whatever world he/ she is in, and try to see different aspects from other different worlds, and also have the ability to save some money to do whatever he/ she wants to do.



These two factors can affect each other, for example, the motivation of the SB is finding a life-long mentor/ friend/ lover in his/ her life, then he/ she will definitely spend more time filtering out inappropriate candidates. And If he/ she just wants a short term arrangement to support his/ her financial shortage, then he/ she might give up the ratio in “fun”, and target at how much he/ she can benefit from that arrangement.

*** This answer here also applies to sugar mamas, but in order to make it concise, I use sugar daddy to convey my thoughts.

I wish you good luck finding your own sugar!

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Charlene From Yellgar