How hot do you have to be to become a sugar baby?

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This is another typical stereotype of sugar babies : Hot and Sexy af.

But the truth is, you can see a lot of times, those wives of the sugar daddies are very pretty (on a scale of 8), but they often choose to spend times with those ladies that may not look as good as their wives (let’s say on a scale of 6).


Because they are looking for the characteristics that their wives do not have or no longer have. For example, whenever they come home and wanna talk about the day, but a lot of issues in the day-to-day life made them incapable of holding a quality conversation anymore, but quarrels instead…

So they missed all the wonderful feelings when things without drama, so whoever meets the qualifications that they are looking for will be their sugar baby candidates.

The situation also applies to those single or separated men, that they are looking for the missing parts in their current lives, and it might not just solely about the appearance.

We can’t deny that we all want good-looking partners, but a lot of times, you will find that is just one of the factors they put into consideration when finding a sugar baby.

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